Fiber Laser Cutting Line
We are specialized in manufacturing Duct
Making Machinery Spiral,
Round and Rectangular.

Fiber Laser Cutting Line

Fiber Laser Cutting Line

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  • Laser cutting system continuous cutting of HVAC duct and fittings from coil
  • Laser cutting uses less heat-edges are not hardened leading to less wear and tear on other machinery
  • Safely remove cut parts offline at the run off table
  • Grid table design enables coil feeding and greater cut part access


  • Individually Motorized Uncoiler
  • Feeding & Straightening Unit
  • Cutting Area
    Width : 4feet / 5feet / 6feet
    Length : 3,600mm / 5,400mm / 6,000mm
  • Controller
  • PC & Chiller
  • 1.0Kw / 2.0Kw Fiber Laser Source
  • Transverse Speed : Max. 90M/min
  • Rotate Grid by Motor
  • 3-Axis Precision Servo Drive
  • Automatic Grease Pump
  • Run Off Table
  • Optional Full Cover
  • Optional NC Transfer
  • Optional Practicam Software

Manufacturing Process